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April 2011



The Profitability of Growing Flowers on Sunnysidelane Hobby Farm

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Profitability of growing flowers on your Hobby Farm will always be profitable due to following through with basic simple gardening practices and rules. Hobby Farms can be of small acreage or consist of many acres.  If you want to reap profit from growing cut flowers for market, you will have to plant on a larger scale and therefore need more acres for planting. It will initially be expensive to begin with, but the return on your investment when you harvest and sell will be profitable. You can still find profit with smaller gardens, although not as much, but the money that you do make will both be sufficient for added income and still leave you with enough to be ploughed back, ensuring an all round yearly seasonal harvest. There are so many outlets where you can sell your flowers; florists will always support you and if you have a surplus, supermarkets will gladly snap them up. Many Hobby Farms have their own roadside stalls. If you are organic, farming it will be in your best interest to advertise the fact, the public pays homage to this type of farming.

Nurture Your Plants

The old wives tale that states, talking to plants will improve their growth is a tale of truth. Whether, the plants sense your tender care or not, they definitely glow with pride under all the attention. Growing periods are mainly from spring through to fall, again that depends on particular climates. Tropical and Sub-tropical regions will have a longer growing and harvesting time. Your flower garden can be planted with perennials and annuals, tall grasses and vines. Perennials will give you many years of blooms, while annuals will have to be replanted each year, but will produce an abundance of flowers. Florists for their creative bouquets and arrangements need Grasses and vines.

How Does My Garden Grow?

Seedlings are more expensive to buy, but saves you time and effort and you have the added advantage of choosing healthy ones. Seeds are cheaper, but can be resistant to germinating for many different reasons. It is well worth to try to grow your plants from seeds as it will give you more profit in the long run. Plants and their root systems will prosper in a topsoil of about 90cm deep. The top soil must be well nourished with nutrients before planting and depending on type of flower might have to be fed more during growing and flowering period. Good drainage is important as flowers can literally “drown” when rainfall is high. Do not allow your flowers to dehydrate and they thrive better on pure rainwater. Hobby farms should all have catchment tanks or dams for this purpose. The essential ingredient to produce photosynthesis is sunlight, morning sun and light afternoon shade is the perfect medium.  This will although, depend on the individual specific requirements of each plant. If the Hobby Farm has excessive wind, you will have to give your flowers some sort of protection. You can plant quick growing hedges or cordon off with built structures that will break the winds direction


Gardening with flowers initially will be a hobby of trial and error, but after each error, you will learn more and more until you will be proficient and eager for experimenting. It is beautiful and richly rewarding.


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