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May 2011



What are the Health Benefits of Blueberry Juice?

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During the month of May fresh trays of blueberries begin to appear on grocery shelves, and although these delightful treats are best fresh you can find them frozen year round. So there are no excuses for failing to incorporating these powerful berries into your juices all year. Not only are they delicious, but the health benefits are astounding.

Health Benefits

An antioxidant powerhouse, blueberries are well known for their ability to neutralize free radical damage to the collagen of cells and tissues. Improving the supportive structures of the veins and the entire vascular system, blueberry juice helps to prevent cataracts, glaucoma, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, cancer, and heart disease. Blueberry juice contains the same antioxidant that has given red wine its reputation as a cardio-protective substance. However, blueberries contain an alarming 38% more of these free radical fighters.

Blueberries are also known for being a brain power booster. Studies have shown that blueberries help reduce the degenerative effects of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Diets rich in blueberries can greatly improve the learning capacity and motor skills as you age.

A diet rich in blueberries also provides protection against colon and ovarian cancer. The phenolic compounds found in blueberry juice have also been found to decrease the ability of colon cancer cells to progress. Blueberries are at the top of the list of ovarian cancer fighting foods including broccoli, leeks, tea, spinach, and kale. The soluble fiber found in blueberries also works to prevent bile acids from being transformed into potentially cancer causing form as well as lowering cholesterol.

Blueberries contain tannins which have an astringent effect on the digestive system, alleviating inflammation and reducing the occurrence of bowel disturbances. Both cranberries and blueberries are great at preventing urinary tract infections. They both reduce the ability for the bacteria E. coli to adhere to the lining of the urinary tract which prevents the infection from occurring.

Benefits of Juicing

Most nutrient properties are preserved when you consume raw foods. And there is no easier way to serve up you daily serving size of fresh foods than through juicing. Blueberries are a treat your tastes and health no matter how you decide to serve them up.


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