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July 2011



Being Prepared

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Guest written by our friend Katie Callahan

Being a single woman has never really affected me too much until my friend Sadie got robbed on the street about a year ago. We live in New York so things like that definitely happen but it just shook me so much I was terrified something like that would happen to me as well. I went to a website for More Information on alarms and even took a self-defense class at the YMCA so I was better prepared but something about being alone on the streets at night still gives me the heebie jeebies. I love living in this city and I’m rarely scared in my neighborhood but hopefully I’ll snap out of this paranoia soon because I’ve gotten to where I don’t even like to visit my friends in other neighborhoods! New York is so much less dangerous than it ever has been but I’m glad I’m taking precautions to keep myself as safe as possible, especially when I’m walking around alone at night which is when I feel most vulnerable.

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