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Guilianna and Bill’s new restaurant

The article written by Victor Flowers

If you have been reading my blogs for even two seconds now you are probably aware of my severe crush on E!’s most popular couple the Rancics. I have been watching Giulianna and Bill since they first came on and I watch Bill on The Apprentice when he made his television debut several years back. I have been watching the latest season with all of the drama about Mama Dipandi’s restaurant that is in the works. I find it very interesting to know about the business side of these kinds of things. Bill is spending a lot of time in meetings with potential business partners as well as checking out potential real estate for the restaurant. He is very set on doing the restaurant in Chicago whereas Guilianna wants to build it in Los Angeles. I can see both sides of the story but from a business standpoint I am going to have to agree with Bill. It just doesn’t seem like there are enough people in Los Angeles that would want to eat heavy (not to mention fattening) Italian food. Tune in to Bravo on expertsatellite to check out the rest of the story.

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