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Gardman R687 4-Tier Mini Greenhouse Review

Grow your own fruits and vegetables right at home with the Gardman R687 4-Tier Mini Greenhouse. This quaint little greenhouse will protect your seedlings as they grow into those delicious fruits and veggies, or into beautiful flowers for landscaping. It offers the home gardener a chance to get a head of the game this planting season.


It has 4 shelves with a removable heavy duty clear plastic cover, which zips up in the front. The frame is built of sturdy steel that provides support for seedling pots. The roll up front unzips, making access to the inside easier for placing trays or removing them from the shelves inside.


It comes with a cover made of fleece to offer extra protection. The Plastic construction is heavy duty to give it a lasting protection. No tools needed to assemble this greenhouse in just minutes with the clear instructions that come with it.



The Features:

  • This greenhouse has 4 shelves.
  • It is Idyllic for seed propagation, growing plants and then displaying them.
  • It has 4 sturdy shelves; a cover with a full length plastic roll up panel with a zipper.
  • The measurements when assembled are 62 by 27 by 19 inches (h x l x w); each tier is 12-1/2 inches high.


The Reviews:


One consumer bought it to get a jumpstart on sprouting the seedlings inside. She wanted a kitchen herb garden right in her kitchen.  The measurements were small enough to allow it to fit nicely in her kitchen. She found the price was within her budget and lower than most similar greenhouses in online catalogues. She felt like she had gotten the best deal for her money.


She stated the greenhouse was easy for her to assemble and required no special tools. The cover was easy to slide off and on without disturbing the plants inside it. It acts to help keep the young plants away from small animals or pets.


Her only gripe was the fact that the shelving did not actually attach to the shelving bars. They only rest on top of them.  She is still highly recommending this product and suggesting buying cable ties to hold the shelves in place.
Another consumer stated this was the second mini greenhouse that they had purchased. It worked perfectly for their needs. After so many years the plastic became a little dry rotted. They taped it to patch the tears. They decided to not order a new cover, but to use the shelving in their tool shed.  They decided to upgrade to the Gardman R687 4-Tier Mini Greenhouse. This one offers an extra shelf.
They stated it was a great idea to have the front panel unzipped and rolled up during the heat of the day to keep the plants from cooking inside from the heat. They suggested placing something heavy on the bottom racks such as sandbags to keep any heavy winds from blowing it over.


Another consumer complained that she bought two of these with the idea that she could place her potted plants inside. She was surprised to find it works great for starting plants or smaller potted plants, but not for her larger size potted plants.  The wind was a problem. The frame had to be anchored down or it would be blown over.


Another consumer stated their only problem was it has only two cross bars for the shelving but it has four shelves. Otherwise, it was easy assemblage and priced just right.


The Conclusion:


With only just a few minor complaints, this Gardman R687 4-Tier Mini Greenhouse still comes highly recommended. The positive reviews outweigh the negative reviews by far. Even the consumers that found the negative side of it still thought they had received their money’s worth with this product.


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