The Renters Next Door

Guest post written by my buddy Bernardo Graham

I love living in Corpus Christi, but it gets crazy around here during the summer. We get lots of tourists coming for the beaches, and I get uncomfortable with all of the strangers I have to deal with. We live close to the beach, and some of our neighbors rent their houses out. We never know what we’re going to get when it comes to the renters. The come in and out all summer, and drive us nuts half the time. Some of the renters are great, but others are crazy partiers. We always get nervous when there is heavy drinking going on because people become very unpredictable when they are drunk. Last year we had someone pee on our lawn right outside our bedroom window at two in the morning. I know he was just relieving himself, but I was so scared when I saw someone creeping in the bushes outside. After that, I decided I needed to do something to protect our home. I searched Corpus Christi security systems and got a home alarm set up right away. It hasn’t helped with the drunk renters, but it has helped with my anxiety over them.

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