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Most Intriguing Episode

Contribution by Prince Raymond

In just a few short days, a new chapter will begin. Mad Men’s long awaited season five will air on direct tv fort worth and it will be worth the wait. In anticipation, I have been watching each episode of each of the previous season. Before I watched them all again, each new season was my favorite, each new episode the best in my eyes. After watching it all again, I think my favorite episode has to be from season two. I don’t recall the name or number of the episode (are the episodes even names?) but it’s the one where Don runs away to Palm Springs and finds himself involved with a group of wealthy people he manages to impress including a very attractive woman. It’s a departure from the typical episode not just in scenery (Palm Springs is a lot different than New York) but in feeling. It gives a very different vibe for the first time and makes you wonder where the rest of the season is going to go.

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