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AccuQuilt GO Fabric Cutter

Written by MJ Carpenter

The Accuquilt Go Fabric Cutter is the revolutionary die cutter that takes the drudge and boredom out of quilting.

The Blues Block

photo by MJ Carpenter

Everyone loves to make the fabric choices and peruse the quilting patterns, and even using the rotary cutter or scissors to cut that first block is fun.  But when the first block turns into 350 half square triangles, it gets tiresome fast cutting the same shape over and over again.  This is where Accuquilt is genius.  Using the Accuquilt Go! die cutter you can cut 350 shapes in just 30 minutes.  Not only is the Go! cutter fast and accurate, it is also portable, so it can be toted to the sewing bee, the quilt club, and the fabric store for that class on scrap quilting.  This unit comes already assembled and ready to cut.  This package includes cutting dies, a cutting mat, and the Accuquilt Go!


  • Portable and lightweight, weighs only 15 pounds.
  • Durable hard plastic, easy to clean
  • Makes accurate cuts without straining hands and wrists
  • Saves fabric waste with precision cutting
  • 90% faster than scissors or rotary cutters
  • Dies last through thousands of cuts with very little wear
  • One year guarantee

This product has over 33 five star reviews with very few complaints.  The negative complaints were focused on either inaccurate cuts, the cost of the dies, or the waste of fabric through pre-cutting.  Most of the consumers referred the complainers to YouTube and the instructional videos to counteract the complaints, as customers are very happy with this product. There are YouTube videos that demonstrate the proper use of the dies and the placement of the fabric for the most economical cutting sequences.

The positive comments were long paragraphs about how much this product changed quilting for those persons who had trouble making accurate cuts with scissors or a rotary cutter.  The precision dies slice through the fabric quickly and accurately, leaving just a small amount of fabric waste, usually a ¼ inch or less.  Pre-cutting the material to fit the die makes the process go faster, but is not necessary as there is enough clearance at the top of the machine to just fold the material over the top of the mat and roll the die through.  Several places sell the various dies for the cutter, and Accuquilt releases new dies every month on their website.  Often Accuquilt will even ask consumers to try before you buy in order to get feedback on the new products for the Go! cutter.

Accuquilt guarantees their product for one year.  The most often complaint is the breakage of the handle that occurs when loading the cutter with too many fabric layers.  In the event of the handle malfunction, Accuquilt will ship another handle to the customer at no cost.  If the customer breaks the Accuquilt before the one year warranty is up, the customer must pay for the shipping costs to Accuquilt for the free repairs.  If the customer breaks the cutter after the warranty, Accuquilt will still repair the unit for a minimal cost, and pay the shipping back to the customer. The Accuquilt Go! is an incredible product made very well with a fantastic customer service policy from the manufacturer.

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