16 Ways to Save on Your Energy Bill

With today’s economic issues, we can all benefit from saving on our power bills. Springtime is a great time for airing out your home and doing some of the necessary yearly cleaning. Just getting ready for the approaching summer which is just around the corner, can seem like a tremendous amount of work. The tips we will offer you will help you to save a lot during the summer months.

1. Cleaning air conditioners and fan blades

2. Cleaning windows screens or replacing damaged screens

3. Planting gardens or even having potted plants close to your house will help keep the temperatures down some.

4. Planting some sort of flowering vines such as Morning Glories or Clematis outside the windows will create a natural shade, therefore, preventing the heat from coming in to the house. The evaporation of the water inside the plants and the soil will help to cool the walls of the house as well.

5. Planting trees outside your home to provide shade will help in keeping it a few degrees cooler. Make sure you choose the ones that will not damage the foundation, septic or sewage lines, causing more problems in the future. Trees that grow straight up instead of outward do not usually have roots that spread out as far.

6. Add white or light colored blinds to help block the sun’s harmful rays from entering your home.

7. Once the summer months have arrived, a few things can help you to significantly lower your energy usage. Many of these are very simple, and some are not.

8. Don’t use an air conditioner. Electric floor and ceiling fans use will cut the energy usage in half.

9. Remember that Fans only blow the hot air that surrounds you away. They don’t actually cool you. Turning off the fan when you leave the room will help cut your bill.

10. Check your ceiling fan. Is it blowing down, not up? You want it to blow downward, so that it blows the hot air away from you.

11. If you have a health condition that requires you to use an air conditioner, try decreasing the temperature by 2 degrees will reduce your energy consumption by about 10%.

12. During the mornings or early evenings, water the gardens or sprinkle a little water on the balconies, patios or asphalt. The evaporating water has a cooling effect as the temperatures of the day rises.

13. Try applying solar control film on your windows. These will help insulate the windows and can reflect up to 78% of the sun’s heat and possibly blocking 98% of the sun’s UV rays as well.

14. Turn your refrigerator down to medium. It is the second biggest energy user in the house.

15. Don’t overly pack the refrigerator. This will prevent the air flow which helps in keeping the food cool properly. Above all else, keep the refrigerator door closed!

16. If you have a deep freezer, freeze bottles of water to fill it up. The ice will help keep the temperature maintained in the freezer and provide you with ice water to drink on those hot summer days.


We have only mentioned a few of the ways you can lower your Energy usage and save your hard earned money. We will be offering you more helpful hints to saving energy in the following weeks to come, so keep checking back with us to find out more on lowering you energy bills.

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