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Be an American Patriot and Support Your Local Business

Local businesses are the life-blood of the American economy. More than half of all new jobs created in America are created by local businesses. Moreover, local businesses are more likely than not to hire local residents, which might just be you. To support local business you are in fact supporting yourself and your local neighbors. Local businesses come in all sizes, shapes, and industries.

To support local business, you are doing many good things. First and foremost, you are keeping the local economy moving and making sure that your friends and neighbors are busy and gainfully employed. In order for you to support local business, you first need to see what types of business are locally around you. Say, for example, you need some greeting cards made, you can see if there is a graphic designer. Assuming you hire the graphic designer, you can then look for a local printer who uses eco-friendly paper and solar powered energy for his or her business. Once you get your greeting cards printed, then you can use an environmentally conscious shipper who uses a fleet of natural gas and electric cars and trucks that would professionally and expertly deliver your greeting cards to your intended recipients. Of course, these are going to be local businesses that you are using.

In addition, to be able to support local business that is green, there are many other reasons to support local business and you will feel good about each and every reason. You will be able to keep a strong economy and sense of community. Small mom and pop shops provide people with autonomy to set their own hours, source their own products and provide personalized service to every customer. This is in stark comparison to big box retailers who often drive out small mom and pop shops. When big box retailers come into local communities, there is no individuality regarding the products and customer service. You only have a few choices and no room to negotiate with the owners; it is either take it or leave it. Big box retailers also drive out small, independent manufacturers and artisans that create products to sell in local mom and pop shops. This creates a ripple effect because both local business retail and manufacturers lose out because big box stores normally outsource products from overseas. Another reason to support local business is that you know your products will be made well because you know your fellow town, state or country’s workers are committed to providing you with the best possible product while enabling them to make a decent wage and live a comfortable middle class life.

Therefore, to support local business only makes sense because you are supporting your neighbors and townsfolk and not some questionable big box CEO that is only looking out for the company’s bottom line. There are really no drawbacks because supporting local business supports your own middle class American lifestyle. You are able to stimulate your local economy, keep jobs at home where they should be, and be able to have quality products at decent prices. Now, go out there to support local business!

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