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Strawberry Facts And Uses

Strawberries make a great addition to any hobby farm. There are a number of uses for strawberry crops that make not only delicious but versatile dishes as well. Strawberry uses include topping desserts, eating raw, recipe ingredients for soups, deserts and smoothies as well as making them into jams, jellies or preserves. Using strawberries as an ingredient in various deserts, soups and smoothies or as a base for recipes means that this one crop which does not require a lot of room to grow can give a dozen options for personal use and entertainment purposes.

Buck Garden strawberry + peach

Buck Garden strawberry + peach (Photo credit: backofthenapkin)

Uses For Strawberry Crops

Uses for strawberry crops include twists to favorites such as strawberry shortcake or making a making a sparkling strawberry punch that can be altered to be alcohol free for children and those that do not drink or add alcohol for an adult drink.

A strawberry punch is easy and requires very few ingredients. A bunt pan or Jell-O mold can be used to create a ring of ice in order to keep the punch cold. The only ingredients required to make the punch are strawberries that have been divided and hulled, mint leaves, ginger ale and optional champagne that have been chilled. Using strawberries as an ingredient in this delicious punch will give you a cool refreshing beverage to serve alongside chilled strawberries or with a strawberry topped desert.

Strawberry Uses Requires Using The Correct Type of Fruit.

Firm, less ripe, large berries should be used when the recipe calls for sliced or whole strawberries such as those used for salads or dipping in chocolate. There is not a lot of juice produced and the dish will look better. Smaller berries that are completely red and tender should be used for pureeing with sugar, crushing or cooking in recipes. A strawberry that is not ripe will not soften and color will not be present if the flesh is white.

Working With Strawberries

When hulling strawberries it is best to wash them first or they will soak up additional water. Working with strawberries should be done with plastic, glass or metal utensils that are not reactive. Stuffing strawberries calls for cream cheese, almond extract, hulled strawberries and confectioner’s sugar; it is possible to use dried strawberry leaves to make tea.

Strawberries were considered a symbol of righteousness and perfection during medieval times and served during festivals and feasts for prosperity and peace. When using strawberries to top things such as strawberry shortcake you can use a potato masher to bruise them in order to get the juice. Most recipes require sprinkling chopped berries with sugar when using them for a topping.

Income From Strawberry Crops

Uses for strawberry crops include additional income through the selling of fresh fruit, jams or jellies made from the crop. The selling of cakes, desserts or smoothies can be done for additional income as well. The

type of plant purchased will affect the uses, if the right plant type is chosen strawberries can be present to provide fresh fruit all day long and allow for keeping excess canned or preserved to have later.

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