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A Unique Halloween Party at Your House

Want to hold a great Halloween party at your own house?images (10)

To pull it off, you’ll have to make sure matters like the menu, decorations, theme and the costumes are in place. Decoration is vital to get that great Halloween feel; many people think Halloween parties are only for children, but many adults also love celebrating Halloween like this. To make sure your party is geared towards both, you must ensure that the Halloween décor you choose projects the perfect ambience. Plan your Halloween party in advance in order to make sure it goes off without a hitch!

If you need ideas, read on ahead to learn how to decorate your house for a Halloween party!

  • If you’re decorating for Halloween, the best colors are orange and black. Generally, bold colors such as purple or red are a great idea, but you have to make sure you use these colors to complement orange and black!images (7)
  • Been wondering what to do with that old orange tablecloth you have? Take it out, and fold it where you want creases. Then, use a pot of black ink and a brush to make spots on the tablecloth at regular intervals along the creases. This will give it an eerie Halloween effect. Once your tablecloth dries, place it on your table and serve food off it!

For more table decorations, you can use your candle stands – paint them black and orange with glass paint. You can experiment with all sorts of patterns, although a classic look is vertical and horizontal stripes. Remember to switch between colors if you’re painting stripes!

  • Collect some glass vases and fill them with black and orange candies. Make sure you alternate between the two colors until all your vases are full!images (9)
  • You can’t have a great Halloween party without masks. Add to the ambience by hanging scary masks of monsters or Halloween characters across the room. Paintings and posters can also do the trick, especially scary ones geared towards Halloween.
  • The ambience of a Halloween party also depends heavily on the lighting. Use orange and black papers to make homemade lamp shades and hang them around in order to get the best effect.

images (6)These simple yet unique decoration ideas will help you to prepare your house properly for your very own Halloween party.


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