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All Sorts of Dogs on the Hobby Farm


Today I am taking photos of the puppies and dogs we are trying to find new homes for since we had 8 in total puppies. This makes us have 14 dogs. We are getting out of the Chihuahuas and Chugs.




We have Foxy our Deer head Sable colored Chihuahua female. She recently became the mother to 4 of the younger puppies. She weighs about 6 lbs and stands about 8 inches in height. She is the nervous type, but she can be very sweet. She craves attention.



Jesse is our Chihuahua and Pug mix male. He is white and tan. He weighs about 8 lbs and stands about 6 inches in height. He too craves the attention but will patiently await his turn. He is a true Ladies man around here. He is the father to Foxy’s puppies and also the father to Renesmee’s puppies.


Renesmee is our loveable Black n Tan with just a little white Chihuahua. She is about 6 lbs and stands about the same in height. She is the mother to four lovely puppies that were born on Aug 29th, 2013.



We have a young Husky/Wolf Hybrid Beauty as well. Her name is Nugent. She is just 12 months old, and thinks she is a Chihuahua. she can jump as well as any of them. She is very playful and has a best friend, Nellie, our Saanen Goat. My husband is training her to herd goats and sheep. He thinks he can train her to pull a small sled pulling supplies or veggie that are needed or picked on the hobby farm.


We have two Pomeranian dogs. Raven is the female and lives up to the name.


She is as black as you can get her. She is now older and getting a little gray on her beard.




Count Blanca is our Tan and Blonde male Pomeranian dog. He is still new to the pack, and is a little nervous. He is warming up to us now and has started playing with everyone. He thinks we should hold only him.


20131106_134402 20131106_140113




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