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Thursday Morning Ramblings About Chihuahuas And Other Things

This is my Thursday Morning Ramblings while I drink my coffee and clear my head to prepare for my work day ahead. This house is filthy. Got to take an hour or two to catch up on the house work and laundry today. Run my errands and do some shopping this morning before lunchtime. After lunch my husband is taking our son job hunting and our grandson to the doctor so I will have the entire afternoon to myself to work in peace. I am gonna start my supper this morning so it will be ready and waiting for them when they get home. They will have to just pop in the microwave to warm it up.

Last night, we sold one more puppy and today a lady is coming to get the last little girl puppy. That will leave us three boy puppies to find new homes for them. I wish I could keep them all, but I am getting out of the Chihuahua business. I did not intend on becoming a Chihuahua and Pug mix breeder. I took them him as a rescue idea and have no papers on these dogs. I will be finding the adult dogs new homes too. I just want to keep my two Pomeranian dogs and not get into the breeding off small dogs except maybe the Poms only and that is an extremely big MAYBE.

Sipping some more coffee now. Hmmm! I think I will add a little chocolate syrup to it this morning. Found a great deal on sugar free syrups for drinks and ice cream. We can enjoy our favor coffees now with out cheating on our diet. Yay! I will save that for another post later.

Well it is time to feed the dogs, chickens,ducks, turkeys, rabbits and the goat, so I will say good by for now. I hope I haven’t bored everyone to much.

Remember to write down your thoughts and ideas to share today.


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