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Preserving the Bounty from Your Hobby Farm

2013-05-19 15.26.21Hobby Farms have a bounty that should be preserved. It will depend on what you are farming as to how best to preserve the bounty, which is available. If it is vegetables you are farming, then canning and preserving them cannot only give you food for the winter, they can also be sold at a profit. Freezing, dehydrating and canning are all ways to preserve the bounty of your garden. This is just one avenue for preserving the bounty of your garden. Now if you are dealing with milk or meat, you have different options.

Farmers CheeseDiary can be turned into milk or cheese. Depending on your options that are available, the extra cheese can either be sold or aged for later selling. Preserving milk from milk animals requires the process of refrigeration and pasteurization in order to keep it from going bad. Making ice cream can be an option to freezing milk. Milk can be used in many different recipes as well as being dried to make powdered milk options. Cheese making allows you to age the cheese until it is ready for sale or consumption. Storing it in a dark and cool place will keep it from going bad.

smoked meatWhen you are talking about meat, you need to be able to freeze meat after the slaughter in order to preserve the bounty.  This pertains to goats, hogs, beef and other meat bearers. Keeping it in the freezer marked with the date is the best way to preserve meat unless you want dried meat such as jerky for example. Pemmican can also be made with several different meat products. You can also dehydrate it as you can with vegetables for storage and later use. So there are many different ways to go about doing this.

Herbs driedNow if you are raising flowers and herbs, you can dry them or freeze dry them. Having a greenhouse can be a good way to have them year round. Also taking care of the soil as well as the plant will keep the plant coming back around time and time again. Herbs and flowers are very popular when it comes to hobby farms. This makes a good bit of money so knowing how to properly store your herbs and flowers after they are cut can make all the difference in the world.

Dried Fruit in a jarWhen it comes to fruit, you can dehydrate, can or freeze fruits for later usage. Canning, dehydrating and freezing are all ways to preserve the bounty of your hobby farm. Taking care of your farm and its resources is another way to preserve the bounty. Rotate crops, use land conservation and organic matter to fertilize, as well as pest control naturally can all help the land to be able to give you the bounty that you want. Taking the time to conserve your land, your seed, your animals and your farm provides great rewards. This is how you preserve the bounty of the hobby farm. It is easy to do no matter what type of farming that you do.

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