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It’s Christmas! Get Christmasy!

images (17)Christmas is about the celebration of the birth of Christ. We all have traditions, but the decorating seems to be the trend everywhere.

At Christmas time, many are thinking about all the decorations, the snow for some areas, the holiday themed dishes, Santa and of course, the Christmas crafts.

But what Christmas is really all about is giving. Our children are the ones that light up the most during this favorite time of year. One of the greatest joys in life is to see their faces light up around the Christmas season.

I will be posting a few Christmas crafts which is will put a smile on those cute little faces and will not hurt your pocket book either.


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In many families, making Christmas ornaments and decorating the tree with them is a big part of their holiday tradition. So grab some safety scissors, colorful papers, sequins, ribbons and whatever else you want to throw in and have fun with your kids making your own reindeer, snowmen, and other decorative ornaments.

A brown paper bag can easily be made into a reindeer. All you need is a pom pom for the nose, some construction paper for the antlers and a pair of googly eyes. It is easy and fun. The kids can get as creative as they can and even come up with their own reindeer characters.

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Home Made Pine Cone Trees Decorations

All you need to do to make these is to go out and pick up some nice pine cones (try to avoid the ones with too much sap), and these can be used as miniature Christmas trees. The kids can have a gala time decorating them any way they like. For example, cotton balls can be used for snow, red bows, sequins, buttons, pom poms or tinsel can be used as ornaments to decorate them. This particular Christmas craft can then be used as a decoration on the actual Christmas tree as well. How cool is that!

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Hand Print Wreaths

Now here is a fun Christmas craft, Hand print wreaths. They are easy to make. Take some green drawing paper, trace your hand and then clip it out. Next you need to glue some 10-12 of these together to form a ring, this then can be further decorated with bows from gift wrapping boxes, silver bells from the store and even hand written Christmas messages. These are amazing and it gives the kids a sense of accomplishment when they help you make them.

Christmas is all about having fun with the family. And for the kids, all that needs to be done is focusing on a fun task and making the most of the holiday by doing it all together.


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Homemade Christmas Crafts

Learn how to make traditional and new Christmas craft gift ideas, tips, recipes, Christmas craft suppliers, how to’s and other helpful guides for the holiday season. The page contains all the latest and easy to follow instructional videos, e-books and interesting articles about Christmas and more. Read all about it from here and learn.

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