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June 2014



Hobby Farm Life Ramblings

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Hobby Farm Life Ramblings for June 23rd. This is my account of things we had done so far on Sunnyside Lane Hobby Farm.

During the Winter we added Horse manure to the garden plot. Yellow Straight Neck Squash have gone crazy. My goal was 52 qts for the year. I made that, gave away several buckets full to kids, my mother, and friends. We are still canning Squash today and will need to pick it again tomorrow.

We planted Country Gentleman White corn, but it didn’t do well. I just discovered some of the ears have Smut on them. We had to burn them. We do plan to plant more for a second garden later. Did get some cornsilk to dry for my medicine cabinet.
Stan went crazy on planting all the seeds I gathered and didn’t realize he had planted okra. It is not even a foot tall and is trying to bloom on us.Don’t think it is gonna do good either.
Our Cabbage Collards are doing fine. I planted them thick and we have been eating what we thin out. I have even managed to can a few qts of them.
Our Tomatoes are just beginning to make, we have Homestead and Cherokee Purple ripen now. We have some Pink Oxheart and Cherry Tomatoes that are a bout half grown.
Our cucumbers are just now producing and we got a whole total of 3 yesterday. Which was enough for Stan and me to eat for supper. Went well with the tomatoes, onions and Red Romaine lettuce we are growing too.
We are eager for our cantaloupes and Moon n Stars Watermelons to produce. They are covered in blooms now.
Our Blueberrie made a couple of pints this year (only one year old plants).
Grass is getting away from us too. Our riding lawnmower is in need of repairs and the other two are working as hard as they can to get the whole place mowed. (2 skinny horses that are now getting a little belly on them).
Stan works in a grocery store as a butcher. He brings home the old produce to give to all our animals. Brought home 7 banana boxes. One of which was filled with speckled bananas. Peeled a few and no spots inside. Putting up banana jam and canned bananas today.
We are raising chickens, ducks, pigs and dogs. Oh and four grandkids during the summer. Stan is looking for someone that can teach him to dress a hog this fall. At the store he gets them already gutted and ready to cut up. Will be a new learning experience.
Well gotta go figure out what to do with all these squash. Thank you for reading my Hobby Farm Life Ramblings today.


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