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July 2014



6 Top Heirloom Tomatoes

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Many people who have tasted an heirloom tomato would agree it was the most delicious tomato they had ever eaten. These tomatoes are grown from tomato seeds that have been saved and passed through countless generations to persons or families. Tomato heirloom seeds have created some of the most flavorful and high producing tomatoes that continue to amaze and excite people all over the world. These are 6 Top Heirloom Tomatoes that are very popular.

ece913bf0d6f7803eaa9e2074cd783b5Brandywine heirloom tomatoes is one of the most well-known heirloom tomatoes. Many experts classify it as the most delicious tomatoes that can be found. These tomatoes are large and red, weighing around 2 pounds each. Their production is plentiful and they continue to produce more and more tomatoes once they begin. Brandywine heirloom seeds date back to the late 1800s. These tomatoes become ripe after 85 days from transplanting.

old-germanGold Rush Currant heirloom tomatoes grow in clusters of small tangerine colored fruits that are very juicy and sweet. They also produce in copious amounts consistently and are ready to be picked 80 days after transplanting. Yellow or brightly colored tomatoes are also considered to be sweeter than red tomatoes.

54bd7edf744b8b197cf740c51d3c8800The Super Snow White heirloom tomatoes are like big cherries that just keep increasing upon itself when production starts. They create bundles of light yellow fruits that are resistant to breaking of the skin and are loved for their remarkably syrupy taste. These tomatoes are ready to be picked 75 days after transplanting.

imagesBeams Yellow Pear heirloom tomatoes have been around since the 1800s and, as its name suggests, is a small pear shaped fruit that is golden-yellow in color. It produces many of these tomatoes and they serve as excellent juicy snacks because their sweet flavor. This tomato also produces an indefinite amount and becomes ripe after 70 days.

Black Cherry TomatoBlack Cherry heirloom tomatoes are also another popular and loved variety of tomatoes. These tomatoes are a dark reddish-purple in color and have a flavor that bursts on the tongue with its sweet-sourness. It is not as sweet as many other heirloom tomatoes but it is still very delicious. Black cherry tomatoes ripen very quickly and produce large amounts of fruit throughout the entire season. They normally are ready to be harvested after only 65 days.

images (2)The Cuban Yellow Grape heirloom Tomato is another top tomato of its kind. These are small grape-like shaped tomatoes that grow in clumps together. Copious amounts are produced  and the fruits are very sweet. These tomatoes take 90 days to become ripe.

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