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5 Mistakes To Avoid When Growing Tomatoes

Growing is very common to grow, but sometimes it’s not always the easiest task to do. There are simple steps in growing tomatoes and watching the “5 Tomato Grow Mistakes” video on YouTube will make things easier!

The Easiest Mistakes Made When Growing Tomatoes

Here is the list of five mistakes to avoid when growing tomatoes.  

  1. Wrong Support Method 

Having a weak support method will disable proper growth in tomato plants. Avoid using flimsy cages and aim for using sturdy ones. 

    2. Not Using Correct Water Methods

Watering tomatoes too much or too little either drown them or dries them out. Water regularly and use a mulch to help with absorption. 

    3. Pruning 

When cutting these plants make sure to cut from the bottom and avoid cutting the top as it kills the plants. 

    4. Fertilizer 

Using a good fertilizer will help the growth process. Use compost to help ensure good growth. 

    5. Wrong Variety

Some tomatoes are easier to manage than others, choose one they will enjoy. Whether that be a cherry tomato or an heirloom tomato make sure they like the type of tomato they are growing.  

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