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February 2019



Why Green Beer Is Associated With St. Patrick’s Day

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St. Patrick’s Day (March 17th) is much more than just an excuse to drink “green” beer.  It is a Christian feast day that is observed by the Catholic, Anglican, Eastern Orthodox, and Lutheran churches.  St. Patrick’s Day commemorates the arrival of Christianity to Ireland and is recognized by the worldwide Irish diaspora as a day to celebrate Irish heritage and culture.  #St. Patrick’s Day celebrations feature the color green and Irish symbols such as shamrocks. The day also has earned a reputation for being a time when people consume mass quantities of beer – an odd reputation for a religious holiday.  However, there is an interesting and little known reason for the association between beer drinking and St. Patrick’s Day.   Many centuries ago, the Church lifted the Lenten restrictions on eating meat and imbibing alcohol on St. Patrick’s Day. While the ultimate reason for the easing of these restrictions is unclear, many believe it was an acknowledgment by the Pope of the harsh living conditions the Irish endured under English rule.  Legend has it that, as the feast day occurs during a time when people have been abstaining from alcohol, there is a greater tendency to overindulge on this […]



April 2018



Dependant on Machines

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For all you busy moms out there, I have found an easy way to prepare #meals ahead of time. We have become #Dependant on Machines. Last year I purchased a 3-bowl Crockpot. This makes it easy for me being a working grandmother helping to raise grandkids. Start the Machines My morning starts with me starting all my machines going when I first get up every morning. Life is easier with the invention of these household machines. First I start the #coffee pots. Yes, that is right. I start one pot of regular super strong coffee for my husband. The second pot of coffee is the less strong decaf coffee just for me. Then I reach over to start the dishwasher that was loaded last night after #supper. Then by this time I have started the #washing machine. Time to prepare #breakfast, so the stove becomes the next on my list of machines to start. Being on a special diet means often making breakfast from scratch. What Meals for Today Next is to decide on the meals we will be eating throughout the day. I often have my meals planned out. For our supper meal of the day, the crockpot is invaluable. […]

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