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Sunnysidelanefarm.com is a two-fold project to benefit those who wish to have a small farm, sometimes called a hobby farm, and/or those who wish to be self-sustaining and independent of grocery stores, power grids, and the hustle and hassle of hand to mouth living.  Those who enjoy providing for themselves and their families the results of their labors such as vegetables and fruits, jellies and relishes, handcrafts and hobby gifts will find these pages a delightful resource for economical suggestions for keeping a small farm or family growing healthily.

Among the articles published will be hints on better budgeting, lessons on making do and making new, quilt making, poultry guides for both raising and cooking, soap making, and general homestead advice.  We welcome well written articles with suggestions to improve our homes and our habitats.  Bloggers are encouraged to contribute thoughtful and thought-provoking articles for our enjoyment and banter.

Quilts by MJ Carpenter

Quilts by MJ Carpenter

We at Sunnyside Lane Hobby Farm are attempting to create a better and simpler life.  We want food that is free of additives and chemicals, fowl that are free-range, and cows that we know by name.  We want to share our recipes that came from our grandmothers and cook the special dishes that came from your table.  We want to spend time working with our hands and enjoying the products of our labors, instead of watching life speed by as we watch the clock slowly drag until the 5 o’clock rush hour.

Join us in this adventure of learning and laughter, education and entertainment, as we grow our farm and our family.   Our hobby farm is not just our livelihood; it is also our sanctuary and our playground.  On the farm we can run at will, but also spend a lot of time cultivating, gathering, harvesting and preparing to provide all of our families’ needs.  320We live here, eat here, sleep here, play here and meditate upon our good fortune.  We ride ATV’s, horses, and even an 4-wheel drive truck. Some of us watch tv, some of us play on the computer and some of us craft and pursue our hobbies.  Come see where the journey leads to our path to Sunnyside Lane.


Teresa Fikes

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