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December 2012



The Mayan Doomsday, And Why It Doesn’t Spell Doom Part Two

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Written by Micheal Stratford The one reason anyone believes that the Mayan calendar predicts the end of the world is the end-date of the last span recorded, 12/21/2012.  However, it isn’t the only end date in Mayan (aka Maya) records. The Maya, a civilization that was long-term in thought if ever there was one, measured time via katuns (spanning 7200 days); 20 of these made up a b’ak’tun (144,000 days, 394 years).  According to the Mayan document known as the Popol Vuh, we are in the fourth great world’s age; the previous three ages were worlds that failed.   Our successful globe replaced them, and the calendar of the fourth age ends with the thirteenth b’ak’tun, the end-date of which is December 21, 2012. Some apocalyptic predictors have decided that the Maya were warning of the destruction of the by-now degenerate fourth world by the gods.   The Maya predicted the end by letting their calendar run out of dates, since they could predict the coming destruction. The truth is, they couldn’t and they didn’t.   Because most researchers, including such august folks as Mayanist scholars David Freidel and Linda Schele, have realized that the Mayan calendar is probably a perpetual one. Remember […]



December 2011



Merry Christmas To Everyone!

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From our family to yours, We here on Sunnyside Lane Wish Everyone in the World a very Merry Christmas! Related articles Merry Christmas! ( A Very Merry Christmas To You! ( [Twitter|Trans] CNBLUE Says “Merry Christmas” ( Merry Christmas Lockflow ( Merry Christmas ( Merry Christmas! ( Merry Christmas ( Merry Christmas to One and All ( We wish you a merry Christmas ( Merry Christmas To You! (



April 2011



The values of hobby farming

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The connection between human kind and the natural environment goes way back in time. Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote that the first farmer was the first man. And yet, although it is not hard to visualize this first man working his land and earning his bread, we can barely visualize a modern man doing the same thing. Just a century ago, it was not unusual for people to go out and do some back-yard farming, that even if it wasn’t done on a large scale it was nonetheless enjoyable. With today’s society shifting its production towards more and more intangible online services, we risk losing the important lessons of simpler things. Hobby farming is one simple activity that retains some spiritual and educational aspects of past experiences, by offering direct insights from the work process. Farming seen as a hobby is the rendering of traditional farming as a pleasurable way of spending some free time. This generally involves a diverse range of activities, mainly dealing with land cultivation and crop harvesting techniques to the extent of food production, however on a much smaller scale compared to the industrial farmlands. This can be a great activity both for families and individuals, […]

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