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December 2011



Merry Christmas To Everyone!

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From our family to yours, We here on Sunnyside Lane Wish Everyone in the World a very Merry Christmas! Related articles Merry Christmas! ( A Very Merry Christmas To You! ( [Twitter|Trans] CNBLUE Says “Merry Christmas” ( Merry Christmas Lockflow ( Merry Christmas ( Merry Christmas! ( Merry Christmas ( Merry Christmas to One and All ( We wish you a merry Christmas ( Merry Christmas To You! (



October 2011



Get Off The Grid With Solar Energy California

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If you are like most Americans, you are concerned with rising energy costs. All different fuels are going up and you may be searching for a different answer. More and more people are turning to solar energy to efficiently heat and power their homes reducing their costs for electricity. If you are looking for such a system for your home or office, then is the best  solar energy california to contact. They have the services and products needed to make your home energy efficient and less reliant on commercial sources of energy. A solar electric system is a cost effective way to bring your energy costs down while ensuring a reliable source of electricity that is efficient. offers  solar energy california designs and builds large scale electric generation solar electricity grids for both home and commercial usage. If you want to save money on your power bill and get off the grid at the same time, why not contact them for a free analysis of your business or home? The value and quality of the construction cannot be beat. Look at our offerings to the public and notice the change in your power bill and your electric costs. […]



August 2011



Renewable Energy Blowing in the Wind

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Wind power is just one of nature’s wonders, handed to mankind, just waiting to be harnessed and converted into free clean energy. Renewable due to its never ending supply, cost effective to our earth by decreasing carbon emissions and faithful in its reliability. Wind has been used for thousands of years to energize sailing ships, water pumps and grinding of grain. Interest in Wind Power as an alternate form of sustained energy has only recently gained the world’s attention. Always sceptical and slow to change, governments are dragging their heels, instead of backing this “free” energy source which is globally available with constant supply. Farms using Wind Power, although costly with initial installation have been proven worldwide to be one of the best natural ways to produce clean energy. Recuperating costs will be achieved by selling off stored energy surplus, thus extending the benefits to more than one consumer. Wind Powered Farms cover large areas and can spoil the aesthetic view to the beholder, but with their turbines placed so high their ground footprint is minimal and look beautiful compared to a nuclear reactor plant.  They are not truly carbon emission free as their turbines do emit some carbon waste, […]



June 2011



Building A Cistern Of Water

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A few steps to getting under way on having your own cistern. 1*Clear the roof, which will host the second round of collection. Make sure that a large area, with thousand square feet on the roof of freshwater flows into the reservoir. Remove all residues of gutters. Select the location of the reservoir, which provides a space under the tap to connect the bucket or hose to empty the tank. 2*Install channel covers of magazines. Mesh purchase pre-cut steel is suitable for gutters existing. Snap up below the lip on the gutter. Secure clip to this purpose. 3*Add a second round of the first ten liters of water through the roof and along the river leading to the tank.  Use a dumping ground for this use. Attach a good downspout on the ground. Put the lid on the bottom of the hill. Place the drain pipe leading towards the tank at the top of the bill. When downspout is full the water will start to follow towards the water tank. 4*Install the control valve is opened to evacuate and close losses to capture runoff. Valve may be a single disc that does not drain the water, or water. Define what […]

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