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No Surviving Without These Bug Out Bag Essentials

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No Survival Without These in Your BOB If your home is no longer safe due to a #natural disaster, #terrorist attack, or some form of #social collapse, you will need to evacuate taking a #Bug Out Bag (#BOB) with you to relocate. While relocating, you might need to put up a shelter, as the new location might be miles and miles away and will take a few days to get there. The bag you carry is called a Bug Out Bag and contains essential supplies and information. This kit allows you to evacuate quickly and calmly and can mean saving your life! Prepare a BOB Preparing a BOB and knowing what to put in it is important because you will want to focus on organizing and executing your bug out plan rather than looking for supplies at the last second. Also, you might need to purchase supplies ahead of time. Often we don’t have what we need in case of an emergency. Find out what you need to have while traveling not just stationary. While it may be scary and uncomfortable to discuss disaster situations, we must think of our safety and that of our loved ones above our own […]

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