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November 2013



Monday Morning on the Hobby Farm

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Today on the hobby farm breakfast consisted of toast, banana jam and strong coffee. I am stealing a few minutes to check emails. Then it is off to feed 14 dogs, 20 or so Chickens/ducks, 2 rabbits and one Nanny goat. This morning on Sunnyside Lane Hobby Farm it is cooler weather at around 50 degrees F. However, it is not the weather that makes is so cold and gloomy today. There is a depression that hits everyone here this time of year. But this year it is worse. There are no children here laughing and singing. No reason to get up and make that special hot cocoa that Tristan calls poffee. No cheery jumpy affectionate Eve. No bossy motherly Vivian and no mischievous Alex. Today, we are moving out some of the children’s things and rearranging everything in the hopes they will be returning soon. I am struggling to hold on to hope. I will open the curtains, windows and doors as it heats up outside. Then our massive cleaning to get ready for remodeling will begin. We will also start preparing for the Holiday season and winter. First comes the cleaning. Everything will be washed starting with all bed […]



December 2011



Merry Christmas To Everyone!

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From our family to yours, We here on Sunnyside Lane Wish Everyone in the World a very Merry Christmas! Related articles Merry Christmas! ( A Very Merry Christmas To You! ( [Twitter|Trans] CNBLUE Says “Merry Christmas” ( Merry Christmas Lockflow ( Merry Christmas ( Merry Christmas! ( Merry Christmas ( Merry Christmas to One and All ( We wish you a merry Christmas ( Merry Christmas To You! (



June 2011



During Draughts Lightening Can Be Good or Bad

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When you have gone for quite some time without rain with everything dry and brittle outside, the roar of thunder and flash of lightening can bring a blessing of rain to the parched areas. Along with the roar and sizzle there is cool wind blowing the rain clouds towards you and the parched fields. Of course, you will hear of lightening strikes to buildings, trees, power poles and dry fields. This is how some fires are started, which could be devastating to the areas and the people in those affected areas. While lightening can be beautiful, one must respect it and know that is one of the most powerful and deadly things in nature.

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