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The North American Cuisine You Will Surely Love

The Americans of the North seems to be really loving and respectful towards other people. Furthermore, the Northern United States is commonly called as the “the North” although being in the north does not necessarily mean that the people of the North feel superior towards other people. In fact, they have been known to be very welcoming and warm. This is highly manifested by the influx of immigrants from all over the world. With this fact on hand, it is therefore expected that the North American cuisine is made colorful and more interesting as more races and nationalities have came to contribute to it. But first, let us know what North American cuisine is.

North American Cuisine – What Is It?

North American cuisine is the expression used to denote the foods that are best enjoyed by the people of the North. Such cuisines would include a mix of Canadian cuisines as well as that of the Mexican cuisines. Furthermore, it is important to note that influences from other nationalities such as the Jews, Asians, as well as the Europeans have been incorporated into the North American Cuisine which actually made it a lot more worth knowing and tasting if a visit in the Northern United States is warranted. Moreover, the Central American cuisines as well as that of the Caribbean cuisines can also be highly observed in the North. This is so because basically these areas are part of the North American Regions.

Canadian Cuisine

Canada’s cuisines are presented here as Canada is part of the Northern United States. Nonetheless, the Canadian cuisines are presented separately so as to give emphasis to its very own rich variations of their pride and joy. Furthermore, Canada, a very beautiful and livable place, has been tagged as having only the best cuisines in the world. With this, we are truly convinced that Canadian cuisines must be given its just highlighting. So let us unveil what Canada has in stored for all of us. Here are some of the many mouth-watering and truly delectable delicacies only Canada can best offer us:

  • Chinese Smorgasbord

This is a very interesting name for a Canadian meal. The name was actually created during the time when Scandinavians working in Vancouver had their Chinese cook place a steam table out from the store room so as they could actually have the dining table for themselves, most likely for drinks.

  • Lumberjack’s Breakfast

This food is also named as the Logger’s Breakfast. This is actually a very huge and hearty breakfast that consists of more than 3 eggs coupled with the usual food served during breakfast such as ham and bacon as well as sausages. Also, pancakes are cooked to match this truly humungous mix and match of foods in just one plate. As the name suggests it is intended for loggers or those with heavy work. And so they have requested this kind of meal to be full and have enough energy before working.

  • Canadian Bread

The very famous Canadian White Bread is known for its thicker than usual loaf of bread. This is most commonly enjoyed by a lot of Canadians and other nationalities who live in Canada.

  • Chocolate Bars

Canadians are truly fond of sweets. Examples of the chocolate bars that are very much loved by the Canadians as well as the other Americans of the North are Coffee Crisp and Mr. Big, as well as the Cherry Blossom and the Crispy Crunch. Most of these chocolate bars have been exported and are now enjoyed by a lot of people worldwide.

All these and more are the ones you will surely love even at the first look of these foods. Northern United States and Canada surely has it all – it has great people with very colorful culture and with the best places in the world. It surely is one of the most loved places in the whole wide world!

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